Novalius d.o.o. translation services includes:

  • services for written translations (catalogues, brochures, manuals, web pages, flyers etc.),
  • services for written translations that are certified by a court interpreter (personal documents, legal and judicial documents, company documentation, technical documentation, medical and pharmaceutical documentation, files, certificates, resolutions etc.),
  • services for proofreading and correction, including linguistic and stylistic processing of text, checking and correction of typographic, spelling or other minor mistakes that may be made during writing or translating text,
  • verbal (simultaneous and consecutive) interpretation (interpretation of business meetings, interpretation during court or legal proceedings, interpretation of agreements, etc.).

We can perform the complete translation of your documents, bearing in mind that court interpreters perform all of our translations, thereby ensuring the highest possible quality of translation and a highly professional service. In addition, when preparing the translation we work closely with our client, to ensure that translations are rendered ​​in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the client (e.g. when undertaking demanding and skilled translations, it is possible to arrange consultations between the client and the translator, as organised by the translation project manager).

For any other queries regarding our translation services (pricing, terms, etc.), please contact us via our contact query form (by clicking on ‘Send Your Enquiry’).

Novalius d.o.o.

Novalius d.o.o.
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