Novalius d.o.o. ostavlja otvorena vrata za suradnju svakoj organizaciji ili osobi s novim idejama, prijedlozima i znanjima.



Novalius d.o.o. always leaves its door open for partnership with any organisation or individual with fresh ideas, suggestions or expertise. Innovation, new ideas and knowledge are the most appreciated values for us, and if you are someone who can offer such ideas or expertise, we believe that, irrespective of your age, work experience, or other factors, the doors of Novalius d.o.o. will always be open for you.

Specifically, we extend partnership to potential external collaborators who are engaged in the provision of related business management and marketing services. We also offer potential partnership to professional freelance translators, court interpreters and editors for foreign languages. Therefore, feel free to contact us via our contact e-mail, and send us your letter of intent together with a CV, and we will then be in a position to contact you.

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We guarantee the confidentiality of all data that is sent to us, and we would like to thank you in advance for your interest in partnering with us.