In the area of ​​marketing and promotion we offer the following services:

the creation of various marketing concepts, missions, goals, plans, strategies, analyses

(competiton, prices…) etc.;

marketing consultancy surrounding the creation or remodelling of your website and its management

(this service includes the creation or remodelling of your website in full collaboration with you, the customer – optimising your website, creating and monitoring your website’s visitor statistics, and any amendments to the content and maintenance, etc.);

marketing consultancy surrounding your corporate image and its management

(this service involves deciding between several high-quality graphic designs for your new logo, performing all work towards the registration and protection of your brand, management consultation for your brand, marketing strategies for your brand, etc.);

training in marketing and similar services

in accordance with our abilities and the client’s objectives and requirements.

For any other queries regarding the marketing of services (pricing, terms, etc.), please contact us via our contact query form